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Fork Tubes Stanchions x2 Pair – Late Cartridge Forks – NC30


Honda VFR400 NC30 Late Type Cartridge Fork Tubes Stanchions

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Honda VFR400 NC30 Late Type Cartridge Fork Tubes Stanchions. Quality UK made fork tubes – x2 Qty

This is a replacement part for Genuine Honda OEM Part Number: 51410-MR8-781 or 51410MR8781 (This does not include Fork Bushes/Teflons)

* Please ensure you are ordering the correct parts. Honda VFR400 NC30’s through the production run from approx 1988 to 1992/3 were fitted with x2 very different types of Forks. Visually they look the same. In order to tell the difference look at the Fork Tops. If they have a small brass adjustment screw for the cartridges, then this identifies them as ‘Late’ cartridge forks, and you are on the correct product page here.

If the fork tops have a plain silver top with a flat headed adjuster and NO ‘brass adjuster screw’, then you have ‘Early Type’ Honda VFR 400 NC30 Early Type Damper Fork Tubes and you need to go to this product page:
For replacement tubes for ‘early’ VFR 400 NC30 forks, please go to this page >

Never go off the production year of the bike, people retro fit different forks, so you must identify which forks you are rebuilding prior to ordering these parts for Honda VFR400 NC30 Late Type Cartridge Fork Tubes Stanchions. If in doubt, email us a photograph of your fork tops and we will identify them for you.

This is critical information. The dimensions of the tubes, oil ways and recesses for clips and bushes are completely different and hence the 2 tubes vary greatly.

*Please note: These are High Spec UK Manufactured Fork Tubes. They require the original OEM Original fork shuttles removing from the original fork tubes and transferring into the new fork tubes. The ends of the new fork tubes can then be peened over using a peening hammer. If you do not have the expertise to do this yourself, we would recommend getting a local bike workshop or suspension company to facilitate this for you.