Honda VFR400 NC30 1993 Recommission

Fresh in this week we have a mint Late 1993 J plated VFR400 NC30. Another recommission project from a good customer of ours.  Whilst this bike is a mint example externally, on initial first inspection, it became evident that all was not well with this NC30.  Off loading it from the van, we started the bike (eventually) not because of a flat battery (its running a nearly new BS BTX7A) but because the fuel tap had been previously removed, disassembled and not put back together or installed correctly. Even with the tap set to gravity feed on the reserve setting and the choke set at various degrees, fuel was seemingly not reaching the carbs and it took more than 10 minutes to get the bike fired up, to subsequently find it was only running on 3 cylinders… strike 2, suspect failed plug on number 2 cylinder!

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