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Carburettor Seal Full Rebuild Kit – NC30


Carburettor Seal Rebuild Kit – NC30

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For Honda VFR 400 NC30 – High Quality Aftermarket Carburettor Seal Rebuild Kit. All of the seals in this kit are made of Viton 70 Fuel Resistant Rebuild Seal Kit.

*All of our kits are in stock in the UK and ready for immediate next day delivery.

This 24 Piece Kit Contains the following Parts
(with replacement Genuine OEM Honda Part Numbers shown for reference)

– Qty x4 – Float Bowl Seal O-ring – Part Number: FB-003 >
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: …..Seal Part of this kit or …… Seal Part of this kit )
– Qty x4 – Drain Screw O-Ring – Part Number: OR-009
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16023-MR8-900Seal Part of this kit or 16015-MR8-900Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Pilot Screw O-Ring – Part Number: OR-005
(Original OEM Honda Part Number:16046-MY9-000 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Overflow O-Ring- Part Number: OR-011
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16047-KE7-003 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Fuel T-Piece O-Ring – Part Number: OR-012
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16026-KVO-014 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Pilot Screw Washer – Part Number: WS-001
(Original OEM Honda Part Number:16046-MY9-000 Seal Part of this kit)