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Wheel Spacers Front Stainless Steel Captive (x2 Pair) – NC35


Wheel Spacers – Front Outer Left & Right CNC Alloy (x2 Pair) – RVF 400 NC35

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x2 (Pair) of front captive wheel spacers. Our own custom manufactured Wheel Spacers. Machined from Stainless Steel. These are a fantastic replacement for old, tired and worn OEM Honda Parts. They are corrosion resistant and a high quality replacement.

Captive Wheel spacers are designed so that the top hat section of the spacer sits underneath the dust seal adjacent to the wheel bearing, meaning that every time a wheel is removed, the wheel spacers remain ‘captive’ and do not fall out. They are very popular with motorcycle racers who change wheels regularly at race meetings, but equally many road users like them for the same reason.

These fit the following bike:
RVF400 NC35

These are a replacement for the Honda OEM Original Part numbers:
44311MAE000 or 44311MATE20

*Please note, these do NOT fit the Honda VFR 400 NC30, CBR400 NC23 or NC29.
Follow this Link for the CBR400 NC23, NC29 and VFR400 NC30 Version >