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Ignitech HRC Replica Ignition Cdi Unit – NC23


Ignitech HRC Replica Ignition Cdi Unit – NC23

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One of the key components on any Honda 400cc supersport bikes in giving instant additional power simply via ‘plug and play’. With many hours work on the dyno by Honda specialist techs to produce replica HRC ignition curves fully tested on both road and race bikes.

<strong>We also have Ignitech units available for the following models:</strong>

CBR400 NC23 – Part Number NC23-06003

CBR400 NC29 – Part Number NC29-06003

VFR400 NC30 – Part Number NC30-06003

RVF400 NC35 – Part Number NC35-06003

Each bike required its own custom map to match its individual engine characteristics.

All of our Ignitech Units come pre installed with the replica HRC Ignition curve, also we provide all the files electronically (emailed to our customers via at point of sale). This includes full instructions and the Standard Road and HRC replica Ignition Maps as back ups, should you wish to swap between the HRC Replica and Road Ignition Maps. So its ready to go, straight out of the box‰, plug and play‰ without any initial messing with software or maps.

Should you wish to change the maps in the future… As standard, the Ignitech unit comes from the factory supplied with an RS232/Com port, which you use to connect to a PC/ laptop in order to change the ignition map files. We can supply an ‘RS232/Com to USB’ Lead at an additional cost. This is the official lead supplied by Ignitech.

<strong>Ignitech Key Features:</strong>

– Removes all in built speed restrictions from the factory and has our own custom enhanced HRC ignition curve.

– Plug and play with instantly more power, Raises the REV limit.

– Easily adjustable through a windows interface with its own inbuilt software, should you wish to adjust any of the settings (but we strongly advise only experienced users to do this for obvious reasons.)

– Comes pre-enabled to allow connection to a quick shifter, should you wish to use one.

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