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Carburettor Seal Rebuild Kit ‘B’ – NC35


Carburettor Seal Rebuild Kit – NC35

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For Honda RVF400 NC35 – High Quality Aftermarket Carburettor Seal Rebuild Kit. All of the seals in this kit are made from Viton 70 Fuel Resistant material and are precision made. We have supplied hundreds of these kits over the years and they are a durable and highly cost effective alternative to expensive factory Honda parts.

Please note: Litetek RVF400 NC35 Kits have been updated to reflect changes in demands and are now split into x3 kits: KIT A, KIT B and AIRBOX SEAL KIT

*All of our kits are in stock in the UK and ready for immediate next day delivery.

This x16 Piece kit contains the following Parts:
(Genuine OEM Honda Part Numbers shown for reference. Please note some of these part numbers are sub kits that may contain other parts)

– Qty x4 – Overflow O-Ring- Part Number: OR-011

(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16047-KE7-003 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Fuel T-Piece O-Ring – Part Number: OR-012
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16026-KVO-014 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Vacuum Breather O-Ring – Part Number: OR-018
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16026-MR7-004 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Choke Plunger Cap – Part Number: CS-005
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16046-MY9-000 Choke Plunger Part of this kit)

***PLEASE NOTE: Please follow the links below to the additional Kits which are NOT Included in this listing:
– Qty x4 – Float Bowl Seal O-ring – Part Number: FB-002 >
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16023-MR8-900 Seal Part of this kit or 16015-MR8-900 Seal Part of this kit )
– Qty x4 – Needle O-Ring – Part Number: OR-006
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16037-KAZ-000 –Seal Part of this kit )
– Qty x4 – Drain Screw O-Ring – Part Number: OR-009
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16023-MR8-900Seal Part of this kit or 16015-MR8-900Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Pilot Screw O-Ring – Part Number: OR-005
(Original OEM Honda Part Number:16046-MY9-000 Seal Part of this kit)
– Qty x4 – Pilot Screw Washer – Part Number: WS-001
(Original OEM Honda Part Number:16046-MY9-000 Seal Part of this kit)

– Qty x4 – Air Box Seal – Part Number: AS-001 >
(Original OEM Honda Part Number: 16010-MR8-900)